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We work very closely with landowners at all stages of the planning, development and operation of our wind farms.

Early investigative work is carried out under contractual agreement with landowners; if a site meets all of the requirements to be developed and is granted planning permission, we again work alongside landowners to ensure that the construction of the wind farm has the least impact on their day to day operations and their land. This means creating appropriate access routes for construction, and later maintenance, purposes. It also means, in the case of farmland, timing work so that it does not interfere with crops or other farming activities.

Wind turbines take up very little ground space and are popular with farmers because their land can continue to be used for growing crops or grazing livestock. Sheep, cows and horses are not disturbed by wind turbines.

When a wind farm is decommissioned, the land is restored to its former state as far as practicable, and enhancement work may also be carried out.


We work with partners to support the development of the UK wind energy industry. Our focus is on long-term planning and common objectives. We look to develop sustainable industrial relationships with key players in the wind turbine market – with a view to reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency – enabling us to deliver renewable energy more effectively.

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